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Moving you forward in leaps and bounds

1 Preliminary analysis

2 days

> Gain first impressions

   on location by means

   of interviews, benchmark

   analysis, and brief tours

> Initial rough assessment of

   potential to improve

> Plan analysis

2 Analysis

2-3 weeks

> Accompany staff and

   managers throughout whole

   working days to achieve a

   consensus on the clear facts

   as they stand

> Analyze operating data

   and management systems

   to assess the potential for


> Plan implementation project

3 Implementation project

4-6 months

> The heart of collaboration –

   only consistent implementation

   will yield results for your company

> Draw up potential improvements

   with management and commit

   to them

> Design solutions in conjunction

   with those responsible

> Implement solutions

> Change management behavior

    by closely coaching managers

   in day-to-day business

4 Project audits

Quarterly after end of project

> Ensure sustainability