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What began more than 30 years ago

is now picking up speed once again

Dependability, commitment, and openness are what got us where we are now – and now we’re offering even more besides



Czipin becomes a partner of ROI management consulting AG and member of the international consulting company EFESO.
Growth with a global footprint is thus sustainably ensured



Czipin Consulting focuses its positioning and engages in new partners. Its new slogan ‘The productivity booster’
summarizes why clients continue to trust the Czipin team after 35 years



Working from its base in Austria, Czipin Consulting advises big-name clients in Germany, Bulgaria, the Ukraine, and Russia



As well as working in industry, Czipin is now a recognized supplier in the retail sector



Alois Czipin founds Czipin Consulting, his second consultancy, this time based on a philosophy of ‘small but mighty’.
Their first project is to restructure Libro after its spectacular bankruptcy



Merger with a British consultancy to secure long-term future 



Further expansion to the United Kingdom in the West. Successful projects make Czipin & Partner
a sought-after trademark 



Clear positioning as a productivity consultant. Alois Czipin recognizes the historical opportunity
and goes to Eastern Europe after the opening of the Iron Curtain 



Alois Czipin goes it alone founds his own company, Czipin & Partner, together with his wife Brigitte.
Their first projects take the new company to Germany 



His successes earn him promotion and he becomes the youngest partner. He takes responsibility for numerous projects
and advises many well-known top managers throughout Europe 



Completes studies and begins to work as a productivity consultant for a global consultancy.
He learns the profession from the bottom up in Europe and America