LinkedIn-Profile Czipin

We are the new Czipin.
We’ve changed so that we can better
help you change yourself

It all started with the question of why so many companies are afraid of changing.
Our answer to this was to change ourselves so we could better understand the dynamics involved.
What can we say? We learned more than in 30 years of professional practice. Here are some of our findings
from this self-experiment – and we can show you all of them live in person if you like

A specialized management consultant is weaker
than one who can
play in every direction

We’ve always preferred to think in solutions rather than industries. Because we have experience
in all sorts of different areas of business, we have a much bigger repertoire of optimization methods than
a specialized management consultancy who never thinks outside the box. After all, a good idea for
an engineering company might work just as well for a textile manufacturer.

That’s how we’ve become the leading management consultancy in achieving tangible
improvements in efficiency in the way companies use all their resources